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Adult sex dating in elkton oregon

Reply We have had several bad experiences at flying J’s today, we stopped at the first one arounexut 58 in highway 57, ordered our meal were waiting when a huge fire erupted outside and we were evacuated, not the fault of Denny’s suremoved on and went to the next one , exit 12 on 55, a huddle house.

It was filfty, the seat cushions worn and ugly, ordered an omelet..

Gas stations are frequently targeted for rumors of insufficient patriotism and various versions of the “Shunned Serviceman” urban legend.

Modern (mostly invented) repetitions of the such rumors have circulated in Illinois, on Long Island, and in Holly, Michigan.

The following year, the company acquires Lonas Oil Co.

and converts their locations to convenience stores. In 1988, the company buys back Marathon Oil’s shares.

As is often the case with claims about “offensive” American flags or unpatriotic gas stations, Moore’s story spread quickly, accruing nearly three million views in under a week.

Pilot Flying J currently operates over 550 truck stops, convenience stores and restaurants in the US and Canada.

We are currently working to ensure that the flag poles at the locations that have a flag pole are repaired.” Reply Last time I checked only those people who can legally receive any welfare with a good reason are allowed to collect Welfare, Have you gone to every county & city in Texas to check exactly who receives welfare and why? You sound like a white racist and most likely support the Dictator in Chief in the White House. You also sound as if your would call the police if you even saw someone of a different color or culture or religion just because you saw them breathing.

Most of you are just mouthing off without any facts to back up your despicable posts. Totally disgusting attitude encouraged by the imbecilic war monger squatting in the white house.

At store #436, we are in the process of repairing the flag pole, which was damaged.

Our intent is to raise the flag as soon as the pole is repaired and proper flag protocols are in place to show it the respect it deserves.

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