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Ar dating laws

(AR 1897-1898, 12; British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP) Handbook 1911, 23) The Nggela Group, where Tulagi is situated, was already stable under an Anglican theocracy.

In 1887, the Church of England's Melanesian Mission had established a Vaukolu, or 'meeting', which functioned as a local annual assembly of around 500 leaders, to begin civil and religious government.

His sub-inspector was Eustace Sandars who arrived in 1928 and became a long-serving Protectorate officer, remaining until 1942.In the 1920s, the Police and Prisons Department was administered by the Commandant (the officer commanding the Armed Constabulary), who also served as superintendent of prisons.He was assisted by a European sub-inspector of constabulary and a European gaoler.(AR 1925-1926, 4-5) Thirty-three police, most of whom were needed to guard Auki, and one whaleboat, shared with the Resident Magistrate, were hardly sufficient to 'pacify' Malaita.The standards of the police were very different from today.

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