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I was dreaming with having this fragrance for almost a year because I smelled it in a shop, I finally got this fragrance last week because my mom made a trip through Europe and bought a bottle of 200ml for me. now when i hear oceanic, my mind usually goes to salty fragrances. but very much reminds me of a sweet vacationy waterfall.. But after trying it out for a few days I've grown to like it.Yesterday it was valentine's day in the country I live, I wore it some minutes before meeting my girlfriend. Then we went out to take food and bring home (everywhere were full of clients, we didn't want to wait) and when I went though people, I saw women turning their heads and I could notice the sniffs around me, needless to say that this perfume made me feel very good and confident =). I'm here to say that Versace Eros is not JUST for the younger and clubbing crowd! you know when you go on vacation and are left with memories years later? The opening is great with the mint, apple and citrus notes combining for something very promising, the dry down however is where it becomes ordinary, as and when the vanilla and tonka bean kicks in to allude to the sweetness present in the fragrance.The fragrance includes mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon.Warmth is provided by tonka mixed with Venezuelan ambroxan and geranium flowers giving a fougere twist to the fragrance this way.Im excited to wear this in December when the climate is cooler. The dry down was really really sweet (like candy) with vanilla taking over, and in the very end, tonka bean and vetiver stood out.The opening is very prominent with mint and IMO the best part of it is the dry down where there is a sign of youthful vibe from apple,vanilla and a bit sweet from tonka bean appears. Versace Eros in fact is an unique fragrance in a strange way, and it confuses me. The truth is that the opening, the dry down and the end don't quite work out cohesively for my taste.a decent powerhouse can go beast mode with extra spray. I think of it more like a modernized aromatic fragrance.u only need about 3, or 4, sprays and this stuff will push out. I guess if you wanna smell different than everybody else, or wanna step out of the norm, or your comfort zone, and try an unusual scent, Versace Eros is the one for you. Burberry Indigo EDT so much better, for its smoothness, freshness and elegance.

Donatella wanted a man-gladiator for the new campaign, who is fighting for what he wants, fighting for his goals.The luxury , the boldness , the vintage vibe, the sexiness yet the simplicity and freshness- this fragrance has it all. Men and women love this scent on me, I highly recommend using it during winter because it becomes alluring. Excellent performance and projection, this is a sweeter fragrance. Well, when I spray this fragrance, it reminds me of those blue Medusa heads! Versace Eros is a very mainstream fragrance that few people absolutely love or hate. It appropriate for almost any circumstance (except maybe a job interview) and it appeals to young females a lot. The fragrance is complex, there’s a lot in there: wood, apples, mint, vanilla, and floral. This is probably what an extravagant royal might wear, but this is moderm Hints of Eros are in a lot of fragrances – the aquatics and wood. Because all the good stuff are jammed in here like some crazy experiment that somehow ended up really nice.Perfect for a first date, I guarantee,your woman will be seduced. Lasts very long, and is very strong with a large sillage, so you will get noticed with this. Only instead of trying to kill you, they fly around you and hover about you like a witch's familiars, helping you to seduce and enchant everyone around you. Best for when you decide to venture out into the city and want the aid of blue Medusa to help you seduce your intended prey. It is slightly more appropriate at night but can also be worn during the day if not oversprayed. Normally I’d say with the components listed, this is unisex: but this is very masculine to me. Happy it’s not as popular anymore, not where I am anyway. Gentlemen don't be afraid to try this if you are a more mature age.Versace is launching a new fragrance for men – Eros inspired by and deeply connected with Greek mythology.The aim of this edition is to reveal and release unrestrained passion and to accentuate desire.

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great for a date gets compliments pretty sexy smelling stuff. And that one also has mint in it as the dominant note. I've been collecting fragrances for about 6 years now, and have frankly been trying too hard for too long.