Bind dns slave not updating

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After we have installed BIND as a master DNS server (NS1) (as explained in my recent post), we can now try to set up a secondary DNS server (NS2) with BIND on Cent OS.NS2 acts as a backup if there are problems with NS1.

The example will be done with Cent OS 7 but the syntax of the commands should be equal for almost all Linux and Unix variants since Bind is quite universal. The IP of the machine which will be the master is The above information is largely against lots of security and maintainability principles. DNS or Domain Name System is one of the most important building blocks of the modern IT and internet.This article will describe how to set up a basic master DNS-server and a slave which will replicate the data from the master.No single system or installation has a perfect 100% uptime and since DNS can be a quite critical component of your network, it is recommended to have a secondary DNS to provide a backup in case the primary one fails.

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After checking the syntax, a reload makes sure that the server will reply with the newly provided information. Don’t forget to update the serial on the second line: Now that our master is fine, it’s time to add a slave DNS-server to the master. In our example, the slave’s IP address will be

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