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Another consideration in the comparison of the trike to the wedge is overall strength.

In the passive position a pinky is rated at 6 Kn and a comparably sized wedge is 10 Kn, significantly stronger.

They're nice to have sometimes for building anchors since you'll probably still have them at the end of a pitch.

But as a rule I think it would be scary to really whip on one.tricams have a flexible nylon webbing to connect your draw/biner to, which is good for running over an edge. If you place a Tricam passively in a semi-parallel crack the point has a tendency to get it supremely stuck, whereas a similar nut placement will be much easier to remove.Most nuts have stiff wires which is good for placing the pro overhead, which can be a very useful feature depending on the difficulty of the climb, stance and/or location of crack. Having the thin cable really helps in placing a nut in situations where the sling of a Tricam just won't fit. Some are of your opinion, since the tricam placement on Mas Cervesa at Reimers WAS replaced by a bolt (con permisso).This is due to the strain being placed directly on the scroll pin connecting the sling to the cam/nut.In the camming placement, the pinky is rated higher, 9 Kn.

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Now 6 Kn is still over 1300 pounds of force and in real world scenarios that is plenty confidence inspiring to me.