Dating an undercover cop

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Dating an undercover cop

There, after seeing the photo of the severed head of the suspect, Baker realizes that the suspect competed against him in the Motocross sport.

He then arrests the criminal crew who killed his former partner.

Upon seeing the level of destruction Castillo caused, Peterson agrees with the panel's decision and terminates Castillo from the FBI.

With no one picking him up from his discharge, Baker is met by Castillo and the two discuss the sexting issue and his termination from the bureau.

During the interview he mentions his past as a motocross competition champion and the fallout resulting from his injuries on the track.

After losing all he had gained, from sponsors to contracts, Baker's wife Karen (Kristen Bell) divorced him and allowed Baker to remain a resident of their estate in the guest house.

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During that argument, the robbery crew makes another attempt at an armored truck job.

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