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You do not have to "settle" for being alone or being with a person who is wrong for you because you are living with HIV.

There is no need to be afraid to have love in your life.

All your personal information can be private and anonymous.

Everyone with HIV can join this site regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.

Regardless of your reasoning to either call or not call him again, his HIV status shouldn’t be a factor.

For many women living with HIV, the big issue is disclosure. There is no one easy or perfect way to tell someone you are living with HIV.

Often, it is not how or when you tell, but whom you tell.

This section will give you basic information about HIV, such as how it’s transmitted, how you can prevent it, and how to get tested for HIV.

There are plenty of good reasons to utter the words “let’s just be friends” after a first date.

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Many people living with sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STDs) such as HIV has been afraid to start dating again, for fear of rejection, or simply for fear of passing HIV to their new partner.

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