Dating norris planes

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Dating norris planes

“How about sharing a taxi to your next location, having a drink or even going to a rooftop party in your city?

“Enjoy your connection, make new friends, share experiences… ”Whether or not the app leads to romance, it’s a novel idea to connect with other people heading to your destination.

This obviated the use of the separate cap iron, as was the custom of all other manufacturers. This invention relates to a new and useful improvement in bench-planes. A combined cap or clamping plate 3 is secured in the cheek-plates of the stock by means of pins 4 and 5.

Strangely enough, nine years later Norris in England used the same threaded-rod concept for his adjuster on planes. Gaede, and these planes were manufactured by the Buckeye Saw Vise Co. The object of this invention is to provide a device of this character which can be used on any kind of wood and will not clog or tear the wood. The lower edge of the plate 3 is provided with a knife-edge which is arranged flush with the sole or face of the plane.

The brainchild of French entrepreneur Michael Richard, Airdates officially launches on 15 May but is available to download now from the app store.“You made a connection during the flight, shared experiences and tips about the destination, making the flight enjoyable,” he writes on the Airdates site.

John Muehl of Cleveland, Ohio, sought with patent #775,378 dated November 22, 1904, to improve the manufacture and performance of a bench plane.

One claim, among others, was the reduction of cost in producing such a tool by using a simple arrangement to regulate the advancement of the blade.

This mechanism was mounted above the face of the blade and encapsulated in the lever cap, unlike previous manufacturers that buried the mechanism below the blade, requiring a separate lever cap.

A threaded rod was attached to a block with a pin that was inserted into the blade, which was drilled with a series of holes.

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The term reverse engineering is much discussed in today's highly competitive manufacturing environment.

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