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Dating someone with cat allergies

After the washing step, streptavidine horseradish peroxidase, diluted 1/1000 was added.

Following incubation for 1 hr, plates were developed with 100 μL ABTS (2,2′-Azino-bis(3- ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) and the color reaction was measured at 405 nm using a microtiter plate reader and concentration levels were interpolated using a 4-parameter curve fit.

Extraction of dust samples and determination of cat allergen The dust samples were sieved from 350 μm mesh to remove larger particles and to obtain a more homogenous amount of fine dust for extraction.

Samples were diluted in PBS-0.05% Tween 20 (w/v ) and properly mixed on a vortex and rotated for 2 h on a shaker.

Results: Fel d1 levels in house dust samples were similar in both study and control groups (64.8 ± 72.8 ng/g vs 65.4 ± 69.8 ng/g, respectively).

Conclusions: Cat allergens are common in the house dust samples of allergic and non-allergic children living in Istanbul.

The control group also has never been exposed to a cat within their household.

The parents of children collected a minimum 50 g of house dust samples with a dry vacuum cleaner and bring to the laboratory.

Sixty two percent of American households and a smaller proportion of the European population have one or more domestic pet [10,11].

Parents of such 25 children accepted to collect house dust samples.

Control group consisted of 15 children who presented to the hospital for their routine pediatric visits and with negative skin prick tests.

Standards (range 50 to 0,2 ng /m L Fel d1) and samples were added and incubated for 1 hour.

After washing, 1/1000 diluted biotinylated monoclonal antibody 3EC4 was added and incubated for 1 hr.

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Presence of cat allergens at homes may be due to the presence of the stray cats in the city.

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