Dating tabus in mongolia

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Wycliffe Global Alliance participating organizations are actively at work all across the continent.

According to China’s News Service, the Beijing Normal University Publishing Group stated that the materials involved underwent strict scrutiny (“经严格审核”) before being published.

For children in higher grades, the book talks about menstruation, sexual intercourse, and other topics.

The concept of homosexuality is introduced at the highest levels; teaching children that homosexuality is a natural thing.

It soon led to netizens criticizing this new “explicit” way of teaching children about sex.

But many people also objected to this criticism, arguing that this was an advanced move for China’s sexual education, that has been often criticized for lagging behind.

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An illustration shows two students asking their teacher about their two female neighbors who live together as a couple (image below).

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  1. Here, again, is the link to the 2015 Ontario Health Education Curriculum. My summary is comprised of direct quotes, with page numbers provided.