Dating vintage sofa

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Dating vintage sofa

Now if you were using the word "antique" loosely to include items up to about WWII, that works to me.

Anything older than 1910 is officially an antique, and give or take a couple of decades...whatever.

Baker has fine examples using this technique to enhance the style of a piece.

Before the industrial revolution, furniture craftsmen would hand plane the tops of tables and casegoods.

I would say that if a sticker or branding is found on the inside of the top drawer of a chest, and that chest is not an identifiable "mid-century" item, you are dealing with high quality, semi-antique furniture, almost certainly American, made in New York, Boston, Michigan, Ohio and other urban and semi-industrial areas of the country.

Many of these reproductions are called "Centennial" pieces, as they were first manufactured around the country's first centennial (1875) and throughout the 20th century.

The Customs Office defined "antique" in this way to encourage the importation of antiques from abroad.

With its years of experience and quality craftsmanship, Baker furniture was already well respected for its furniture made under license to the Historic Charleston Foundation, and continued this tradition for Colonial Williamsburg.

Style: Does the pieces feel as old as the original style would necessitate? It is that special wear to the finish that makes it "feel really old". They hold value on their own, but nothing close to the value of the original.

And I hope you do find the original someday at a thrift store and scoop it up!

Hollis Baker continued the furniture craftsman tradition forming the beginnings of the company in the 1920's.

Even dating that far back in history, the same hallmark theme has transcended the company which is construction of fine quality furniture made with high end woods.

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That is, unless it was handmade by someone in the 20th century - you never know!