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Elliott claimed Thompson would text her friends saying how she would ruin his entire career and release their private tape to become a millionaire. However, the NFL did not take these accusations lightly, and Elliott was hit with a six-game suspension at the beginning of his promising career.

Romo played the worst game of his 13-year career with Simpson looking on with the stadium crowd.Simpson’s manager father, Joe Simpson was very overbearing during their relationship and was always making Romo feel uncomfortable.Jessica was ready to make a family with Romo, but he clearly had a different idea.They get struck with the Kardashian Kurse and their professional career goes down the toilet.NBA star James Harden made the brave decision to pursue Khloe Kardashian in 2015. While with Kardashian, Harden did not enjoy the included paparazzi and public opinion on his life.

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When details of your personal life leak into your professional life, things can get tricky.