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Effectiveonlinedating com

I’ve never missed a deadline (in a recent performance review, my manager called me “the fastest writer on the planet”) and pride myself on being able to juggle many different projects.

My copy-editing skills border on the obsessive-compulsive; I have been known to correct mistakes on restaurant menus!

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Before that, I spent a year interning at Tiger Beat magazine, where I had the opportunity to write several articles for publication.

I also majored in English in college, with a concentration in writing.

I’m impressed by the way you make environmental issues accessible to non-environmentalists (particularly in the pages of Sierra Magazine, which has sucked me in more times than I can count), and I would love the opportunity to be part of your work.We can change this for you, but only if you are actively living in the country that you wish to change to.Keep in mind we will only perform this a limited number of times, so make sure you really want it!But you can do it for regular companies too, with a little bit of research.No time for that when you’re applying to 30 different jobs?

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