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@Cesar Malacon Hello, can you please DM me with more details, including screenshots of this second [email protected]_ If they joined, then deleted their account before you could see it. Please DM me your username or phone number ip address (e.g. Bs FGj6 @hsecloob1 @durov @Apple @tim_cook Proxy owners get the same info as your internet provider: IP, fact that you are… (3/2) @alireza95jalili @durov The reason they invite people to use their proxies is most likely that it is possible for p… @iamsergiograce All I can say is that one update just got approved. Get it for new privacy settings and i OS 11.4 fixes, including the issue with stickers. asked both @Apple and @Google to remove Telegram from their stores on April, 17. C4ibna452Apple stopped approving Telegram for i OS updates globally 1,5 months ago after Russia ordered a block on Telegram.…

Both of the old chat room sofwares where 3rd party and making changes to them were both hard and time consuming, so we now have created a custom chat software of our own to overcome those problems.

@Chris Diehl This is curious indeed, but I just remember getting the file from our designer and plugging it in, no special magic.

@Gamer Perfection When you join a channel, it stays in your chats list and you get notifications about new posts (un… Please check with HM10YWf for more info. This thing doesn't target Telegram users specifically, merely uses the Telegram bot API to com…

@katiedavies91 @calvertjournal Thanks for the correction. @calvertjournal This entry is fake ( CG).

Most likely a prank or scam, no such company was registered by Pavel.

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Saved Messages, then you can send yourself files there. @Cartz002 Hello, you can enable "Save to gallery" option in Telegram Settings to automatically save downloaded media to gallery.

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