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It could be fear, vulnerability, desire, grief, or any profound emotional state.

I want to get to a place where words are gone- there may be grunting, growling, moaning, nonsense syllables crying or silence; maybe even all of above.

Overpacking be the difference between a carefree vacation and a stressful nightmare.” –, What to Pack YOU DO NOT NEED A 90 LITER PACK! Above all, a great trip means not carrying unused, easy-to-buy-later stuff.

The bags preferred by today's backpackers are *Gregory Border 25 (25L) *Osprey Porter 30 (30L) *Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 (30L) *North Face Big Shot (33L) *Minaal 2.0 (35L - sexy!

I mean, it’s important that someone’s keeping an eye on the hard limits and reasonable boundaries for safety reasons.

But even when I’ve been able to get close to that core, with as much of my logical, super-conscientious mind gone towards the back ground as possible and still retain a degree of awareness and control, it’s still a very powerful place to be.

It’s one of the ways you can identify yourself in the kink world or your role in the relationship/play dynamics. I’d like to add that though a wrestling match or take down may be what the Dominant has in mind, speaking for myself (always), primal play is broader than that: I want to start from or get to a place, where the feelings are primary- pure, raw, animal emotions, sensation and/or instinct.Because Tortuga asked me to review their Homebase, I've been carrying that one around (as of Nov 2017).I can't recommend it, unfortunately (major zipper issues).encourage you to “take half the clothes.” You won’t even need “twice the money” if you take what you saved by not buying a bunch of junk at home. Give yourself the gift of affording an extra month on the road or a few luxurious experiences.“I’ve seen plenty of travellers in airports and train stations almost in tears because they’re exhausted and stressed out over lugging a huge backpack or suitcase everywhere they go.

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), *Gregory Border 35 (35L) *Berghaus Freeflow 30 6 (36L) *Osprey Farpoint 40 (40L) *Tortuga Outlander (45L) *Osprey Porter 46 (46L) Here are some in-depth descriptions of the most common RTW travel backpack options.

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