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Now under his real name, he has gone on to become a hugely successful and wealthy entrepreneur.

Selling books and CDs from his website, he told the would-be Casanova that no matter how nebbish you might be, you could learn to charm any woman into bed.Jeffries was big on NLP, effectively a rebranded form of hypnosis.In many ways, he was like a holdover from the 1970s with his unrepentant focus on getting women into bed.The free-wheeling 1970s over, in dating advice magazines and on TV, there was understandably a focus on staying safe.Moving into the 1990s, Oprah gave voice to women’s viewpoints on relations between the sexes, and ushered in the sensitive metrosexual.

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But the catch was that it was PG-rated, written by a woman and generally for them.

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