Introverts and extroverts dating

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That’s something that many of us could benefit from.

When we hear the term secure attachment, our mind typically goes to a relationship. In this article I’ll discuss the concept of secure attachments in more detail and how restructuring your thoughts can help you strive towards achieving better relationships.

We always think we can be better so praise often makes us cringe.

Sometimes we want attention, other times it’s hard to believe anyone would spend more than 10 seconds on us.

Again, it’s not that we don’t want to go out, we just start thinking, “What if it’s not fun? We begin to draw into our own heads and make up things that could go wrong and use them as excuses to not go out. Again, we’ll happily chat someone up if the situation arises.

We get that conversation can be uncomfortable, so if we see someone who is worse than us at holding a conversation, then we’ll take the initiative to make them feel more comfortable.

We’re not closed off to meeting new people, it’s just a very exhausting thing to do.

Relationships are a hugely important part of our lives and whatever we can do to improve them is a good thing for everyone involved.

Let’s do a quick overview of what attachment theory is.

Bowlby studied early childhood conditioning extensively and what he found was very interesting.

His research showed that when a very young child has a strong attachment to a caregiver, it provides the child with a sense of security and foundation.

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This will provide a good foundation for the rest of this article.

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