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Metal music dating

Nocturnal cultos established dark thrones in Transylvania under a funeral moon causing a blaze in the Northern sky, and the immortal Ravendark, who was damned in black from the beginning, formed a new nation of Blashyrk, near the heart of winter establishing pure holocaust.

Enslaved Norsemen, who had been living life under the hammer, having melted their frost bondage shackles, were set free to once again return to Yggdrasil. Somewhere, in the infinity of thoughts, pagan fears were realized, causing many sheep to hate them, but it was far too late.

Once wielded, the hammer had the power to deathcrush anyone in its path, freeze the moon and generally create pure fucking Armageddon.

For many months they used the Hellhammer to fashion makeshift musical instruments out of branches, rocks and dead babies, and their unearthly noises could be heard far and wide across the land.

It is more evil than its cousins, Red Metal, Green Metal and Lavender Metal, and is far superior to Death Metal. And so Pure Black Metal was spread across the land, raping and pillaging and drinking goat's blood. Quorthon finally died in a mosh pit with sword in hand like a true warrior, then crossed into Valhalla.

Buried by time and dust for centuries, black metal was found on the plains of Gorgoroth under the Mountain ov Doom in 1349 AD by a young Viking warrior named Quorthon. Possessed by black fucking metal, he gathered his people for war and roasted goat tenderloin. The passing of Quorthon at the Blood on Ice Festival, combined with the tragic drowning death of Thomas Gabriel in Cold Lake, and the inevitable Christianization of the North, marked the end of the First Wave.

(Anonymous was already taken.) He recruited pyro-demon Kristian 'Varg' Vikernes, Count of Grishnack and Wanderer of the Evil Shores, to play bass.

The Hellhammer itself played the drums, and a local warlord named Attila took over vocals.

It has been used by musicians like Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper, though never in its true form.His voice was more painful than anything their ears had ever heard. He became famous for keeping dead animals in plastic bags, burying his clothes and refusing to eat.Realizing that fame and fortune as Mayhem's vocalist would mean he could never get depressed again, he decided to end it all.The ones who don't were banished to Narnia, land of Christian allegorical faggotry.Dead, an otherworldly incarnation of depression, appeared to the members of Mayhem one day out of a thick veil of funeral fog.

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They took their unholy crusade to the Nidaros Cathedral, home of the Norwegian Illuminati, and storming the walls took possession of the ancient necronomical scriptures, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.

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  1. In the 1960s, the heartfelt soul of masters like Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin preceded the explosion of talent that came to define the Motown era, born in Detroit (p.287), while Bob Dylan led a folk music revival in New York.

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