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"With today's hectic world, most couples often have to carve out time alone, particularly when demanding careers or children are involved," says Limongello."Happily married couples often report making date night a priority as a leading reason for satisfaction within the marriage." This issue can seriously come out of nowhere.Rhodes says even if you're not ready for marriage, consider pumping the brakes until you both know you're building a future together."I'm a big proponent of not moving in until there is a commitment -- whether that's an engagement, or at least a discussion about a significant commitment," she says.Then, after living together they realize they're not ready for that kind of commitment.And it might have been a good and solid relationship beforehand had they taken more time to court each other and date." If you've heard it once, you've heard it, well, more than once.If you take date night out of your routine, you won't feel as energetic or genuinely good about yourself or your partner.Start skipping it too much, and you're teetering dangerously close to the "letting yourself go" zone.

"I think a lot of people automatically assume the person they're with is on the same path as them… "We have the luxury of choice, to really choose our own life partners, whether we want to get married…And according to Rhodes, not embracing and exploring your own individuality and figuring out what you want leads to a lot of people on her couch, upset their partners don't make them feel whole. They stopped doing the things that made them happy when they were single; whether that was dancing, painting, or just having their weekly girls night out."I've known couples who had a really beautiful courtship, and then ended up in a sexless marriage," Rhodes says. Stopping all of those things puts too much pressure on your partner." "One of the biggest mistakes a couple can make is allowing threats of divorce to come in during arguments," says psychotherapist and relationship expert Denise Limongello.Everyone is working hard at moving really fast; I don't think many couples are able to be in the present mindful moment to really read what's really going on.And when you're not mindful, you start reacting to the littlest things -- or pulling from your own life experiences rather than understanding where your partner is coming from." I've always had a theory that a relationship tends to take a turn around the 1.5-year mark.

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And that's primarily because if you're like me, you never thought you'd one day prefer to be home in your PJs before 9pm on a Saturday. Especially hangovers, which seem to only grow worse. He still has the stamina for multiple nights out in a row.