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The new job meant a lot of traveling again and frequently it was with colleagues.The men were not shy about taking advantage of a young woman on business trips.The opportunities to get together on business trips was like a retreat to consummate our mutual desires that had heated up in the office.Bert Summers and I had always joked that he wanted me as his sex slave.When an opening came up for head buyer in New York, I didn't get the job, and decided to leave the company.Jake gave me a good recommendation, so it wasn't long before I began working for a company, in of all places, Arkansas.As he unloaded what appeared to be a week's worth of cum into my mouth, he kept saying, "Swallow it, swallow it. Well, I might seem like a naive girl looking for approval but the truth is, my background wasn't exactly that of a innocent little girl.

Just as Jake was finishing with jets of hot cum deep inside my cunt, there was a knock on the door.

I thought it was funny until we were together for after work drinks. I had gone two weeks without sex, so I was horny and wanted to fuck him too.

Bert said he had a surprise for me at his house just outside of Little Rock. When he took me to his bedroom and opened a briefcase, the inside was filled with kinky gadgets and ropes that looked more like torture than your from your local hardware store."What's up with this, Bert? Slaves don't speak until given permission."At that, he pulled off my dress pushing me onto the bed.

So I gave him a first class blowjob, licking from the base of his staff to the knob at the tip, then down again.

He groaned when my lips teased the head of his dick before taking it in all the way down my throat.

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I squirmed as if trying to object to being tied to the bed, but really, it was exciting.