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Nude camp in greece

In fact, Herodotus reports that when they came to a river, they drank it dry!

(The Greek force that met the Persians at Thermopylae was about 7,100 soldiers from a dozen or so different city-states in Central Greece and the Peloponnese.

There was, however, a promise of a large force after the religious festivals were over!

Xerxes and his army arrived at the western end of the Thermopylae passes and set up camp.

Esther 1:1, the 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia).

The Greeks were not able to muster a large force immediately because of some religious prohibitions.He expected his vast numbers and superior forces would intimidate the Greeks and force them to flee in fear. After four days, Xerxes decided to take matters into his own hands.Herodotus records a bit of “gallows-humor” by a Spartans named Dieneces.The second day was a repeat of the first, with substantial losses for the Persian army and light losses for the Greeks.On the evening after the second day of battle, a greedy Greek traitor named Ephialtes, the son of Eurydemus, from Trachis, in exchange for money, offered to lead the Immortals along a little know path over the mountains so they could out flank the Spartans. By dawn, Leonidas had gotten word that the Immortals were behind him, but the Spartans stood their ground to the last man.

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This battle has been made into a Hollywood movie entitled, simply, “300” (2006).

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