Older women dating younger men called cougars Spikey webcam

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Older women dating younger men called cougars

I'm an extremely effective liar, and there are so many aspects of my life that I can use to cover for my cheating, so even being caught with what would have been undeniable evidence, I've always managed to weasel out of it.

I also have a number of female friends who have covered for me as well.

I feel guilty about doing it, but that hasn't deterred me. In addition to being good looking and in good shape, I'm also very successful and have a confident demeanor.

Women generally assume that I'm single (I never am), and are attracted to me despite what appears to be a somewhat juvenile and arrogant persona for a man my age (or perhaps that's part of my allure.)I have, shockingly, never been actually caught.

I believe (rationalize) that what I'm doing isn't hurting anyone as long as they don't know and I'm "careful." I'm careful about the people I've cheated with from an STD standpoint, and I justify it sometimes as being a primal need for more than one sexual partner; I tell myself that I'm somehow a special Alpha male that has needs more than most other men.

(Yes, I get how arrogant and absurd that is when I'm not rationalizing.)As a terrible, serial and chronic cheater, I've spent years in weekly therapy to understand why I do what I do.

In summary, older women dating younger men is now an accepted dating form and is on an irreversible, increasing wave of popularity!

I've dated many beautiful, amazing and confident women and cheated on every one of them.

However, over recent years as the internet and other social media offering instant accessibility to almost everything such as instant news items and so on, have proliferated, people have become more accustomed to seeing mature women dating younger men.

These days, therefore, older women can regularly be seen out and about on the town or at movies or at functions with their relatively junior, handsome escorts; so much so that the use of the term cougar dating has become more mainstream.

Again, thanks mainly to the internet, as a consequence, over the last 3-5 years, there has been huge growth in the number of cougar dating sites available to older women looking to date and have relationships with younger men.

Furthermore, if an older man or one of her equivalent age can’t meet her physical or mental requirements why should she accept anything less?

As the cougar dating scene is getting more organised, specially tailored events are often hosted to facilitate mature women looking for a such a dating situation, with organisers not only quickly recognising that cougar dating is a major growth trend but expressing some surprise that it has taken so long for this type of dating to be catered for on a regular, organised basis.

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