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Your dating site profile is the most important tool you have to find love online-and fast.It's the identity that you put forward to other online daters, it's what people see when they're looking for people like you and it's all you've got to make a first impression and pull in the proposals.Available in over 6000 cities in the US and Canada, all the photographers they employ are pre-screened, are specially trained and will make you look your best!You get 12 great images that are the perfect size and resolution for your profile - and for no additional charge, their staff will recommend the best photos to use! If they aren't working for you, they may be working against you.Even the most demanding sites don't ask you to write more than three or four mini-compositions about yourself and your ideal date, and the majority of just about any dating site profile is always a series of checkboxes about your likes and dislikes.Fill these sections in as accurately and as quickly as you can and move on.

The kind of information that you'll be asked to reveal about yourself will vary from service to service.

At some point you will have to spill the beans and spilling them in front of someone you really want to impress is far worse than being honest to someone you haven't met and might never meet.

If the passing single really doesn't want to date someone your age, it's best not to meet them at all than date them and get the rejection face-to-face.

For the most part, cyberdaters skip right past these parts of the profile. Mostly they help the site's matching engine far more than the dater looking for a match.

The fact that someone likes jazz more than rock, or comedies more than documentaries, doesn't really tell you whether they're going to like you-or whether you're going to like them. When you come to tell the world the age range of the person you're looking for, it's important to be realistic.

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Be opening to open sure they are who they say they are.