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I actually eat no fresh fruits or vegetables, and no nuts, popcorn or other small seeds.And I eat small meals every two to three hours, chewing my food extremely well or pureeing it in a blender. Since my diet change, I have gone from having a bo every three or four months, on average, to only once or twice a year.High fiber has been shown to increase the likelihood that a bo may occur in many patients.The fiber actually swells in the bowel, unlike low fiber foods, and this alone may cause or contribute to an obstruction - particularly if the bowel is kinked or narrowed.So I am spreading the word, and I encourage anyone who has suffered a bo to search “bowel obstruction and low residue diet" online, and discuss this issue with your doctor(s).And I offer my sincere hope, and prayers, to all who have experienced this, and the family and friends who support them.I feel great,but who knows future any time you get cut more scar tissue to grow.vipers5 Adhesions do not show up on X-ray or other tests such as MRI, CT, ultrasound or colonoscopy.That being said, and my gastro doctor knowing I have massive amounts of adhesions all throughout my entire abdominal cavity and pelvis, when doing a colonoscopy, he can see where my colon and small bowel are "kinked" as he refers to it.

Doctors refuse to do surgery because i have been through 32.More importantly, though, I have not experienced any high-grade bos at all since my diet change.Many Gastroenterologists and Surgeons do not yet know about the benefit of a low residue diet for some patients.My colon is getting weak and my depression is high real high. I am divorced and somewhere i would like to get back into dating but until this gets fixed i am too embarrassed to date anyone.Why cant i get these docs to understand that this needs to be fixed through surgery? This for real has taken over my life in a big way and i dont know how to fix this. Who in their right mind would want to be with someone like me with eembarrassing issues. Fiber bulks up inside our gut, and causes increased pressure, gas, and pain.

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