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Further, even one of Dr Ross’s supporters, apologist Dr Norman Geisler, recognizes this (see how he answered the gripe about animal suffering by the apostate Charles Templeton).

We have documented that Basil the Great, John Calvin and John Wesley also understood Genesis –30 as teaching that animals were all created vegetarian. Another strong case against carnivory being part of the original creation, also pointed out by Geisler, comes from Isaiah.

Yet the Bible clearly teaches that animals were not always being destroyed by cataclysms, and were not always tearing each other to pieces.

This is shown by the diets that God originally instituted. –30 clearly teaches that animals and people were both created vegetarian.

Part of this creation is the animal kingdom, so this must also have suffered, and the fossil record is stark testimony to that.This is a real problem for Ross’s view, because according to dating methods he accepts, there are undoubted human fossils ‘older’ than his date for Adam. See Ethiopian ‘earliest humans’ find: A severe blow to the beliefs of Hugh Ross and similar ‘progressive creationist’ compromise views, about Ar ages on feldspar crystals from pumice clasts within a tuff in Member I below the hominid levels place an older limit of 198 ± 14 kyr (weighted mean age 196 ± 2 kyr) on the hominids. Our preferred estimate of the age of the Kibish hominids is 195 ± 5 kyr, making them the earliest well-dated anatomically modern humans yet described.Omo I has always been viewed as thoroughly modern in appearance.According to radiometric dating, they are older than Ross’s date for the Flood, and even Ross’ dates for Adam allow the possibility that he was younger than the Aborigines. Bruce also considered who ‘subjected the creation to futility’ and concluded that the text indicated that it was ‘most probably God’, and most unlikely that other commentators could be right when they suggested Satan or Adam. Cranfield, likewise made it very clear that ‘creation’ in Romans –20 was universal: ‘the sum-total of sub-human nature both animate and inanimate.’ The point Paul is presumably making, through somewhat obscure language, is that God followed the logic of his purposed subjecting of creation to man by subjecting it yet further in consequence of man’s fall, so that it might serve as an appropriate context for fallen man; a futile world to engage the futile mind of man.This has the horrifying implication that the Aborigines are not human! God gave Adam dominion over creation, so when he fell, the whole creation suffered—see The (second) greatest catastrophe of all time. Another expert on commentator on Romans, New Testament scholar C. By describing creation’ subjection as ‘unwilling’ Paul maintains the personification of the previous verse.

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As pointed out in the Exposé of Ross’s book: vegetarianism taught in exactly the same words in exactly the same context.

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