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Mutual friends introduced them while the Blue Jays were in town for a series at Yankee Stadium. She was unsure initially, Romero said, but he won her over.Fakih, who lived in New York for much of her childhood, told Romero that she was a Yankees fan. Good thing, too: Romero, perhaps channeling Kevin Costner’s character in “That,” he said, “made it even better.” Now, the task is lining up the travel schedules of two busy people who don’t live in the same city. I told her from day one, that’s never going to bother me.Fakih resides in New York, in conjunction with her duties as Miss USA, and Romero returns to California each off-season. “(Other) guys that have girlfriends, they’re seeing them every other week. When two people really care for each other, they’ll make it work, no matter what.So far, we have.” The irony, of course, is that Romero’s employment by a Canadian team might actually the couple maintain a sense of normalcy when they are together in public.Ricky Romero & Rima Fakih (Miss USA): Other than waiting to see if Jose Bautista’s 54 homers last year were legit or if he was a one-year wonder, good luck finding a storyline on the Toronto Blue Jays (on pace for yet another mediocre 75-85-win season). Toronto pitcher Ricky Romero is dating Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih. Born in Lebanon, she lives in Michigan and will be in a movie later this year.Perhaps they will double-date with JJ Barea & Miss Universe?In 2010, she appeared in Late Show with David Letterman as herself.In Season 17, episode 140, she was the top 10 list presenter.

Oh, and one more thing: He’s dating Miss USA Rima Fakih. “We’re not worried about what people say.” He paused. “I never thought I’d be doing an interview about it.” And yet, the logic is quite simple: If your buddy was dating an internationally known beauty queen, do you think he’d refuse to talk about it?

And he’s winning in a way that will inspire fist bumps, rather than jealousy, from men whose wives or girlfriends don’t have tiaras. Romero, though, reacted as an average 26-year-old might, when he was approached with some decidedly non-baseball questions. Do you mind if I say something (on the air) while you’re pitching, if she’s going to be here? Go ahead.’ “I’m not looking to be in the news everywhere we go. Her priority is the Miss USA crown, making sure she does her job.

Many professional athletes would rather not discuss their personal lives, for reasons I completely respect. At the end of the day, when we talk about our lives, it’s interesting, and we’ve gotten to know each other really well.” The couple met in New York last August, not long after Fakih (pronounced fuh-KEY) became the first Muslim and first Arab-American to be crowned Miss USA.

Rita’s School, a catholic school near Beirut, Lebanon. She also plans to attend law school after her year long reign.

Afterwards, Rima graduated from Henry Ford Community College and went on to earn degrees in Economics and Business Management from the University of Michigan–Dearborn.

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