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Sex chat myanmar

Scantily dressed women lounged beyond open doorways, waiting for customers.

I was reminded of similar scenes from foreign movies.

But the guesthouse owner didn’t turn a hair—and it soon became apparent why.

To my alarm, he invited them in, sat them down and, after some pleasantries, he handed them a large envelope, clearly containing money. “Don’t worry, they’re my friends,” the guesthouse owner assured me.

I chose a girl in her twenties and took her to a brothel posing as a guesthouse.* “Brothels masquerading as guesthouses are mushrooming all over Rangoon, despite the difficulty of obtaining licenses.“It’s not that easy,” a guesthouse owner in Insein Township told me.“You have to obtain all kinds of documents from the police and local authorities.” Once licensed, a guesthouse owner still has to nurture good relations with the neighborhood police, paying annual “levies” ranging from 300,000 kyat (0) to 1 million kyat (0).The money buys advanced warnings from the local police if a raid is planned by superior officers. Guesthouses used by outside sex workers can earn up to 700,000 kyat (0) a day by renting out its rooms, while an establishment employing its own women can make more than 1 million kyat (0), sources told me.

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