Speed dating dc yelp

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Speed dating dc yelp

On the other hand, these policies typically do not cover routine care for pets, have deductibles in varying amounts, do not cover pre-existing conditions and generally require payment by the guardian, who then submits a claim, so that even if your claim is allowed, it will take time for reimbursement.Also, note the pre-exiting condition issue -- once you discover a condition, you are not able to get new coverage for this condition.

My general view on insurance companies of all kinds is not a favorable one.Pet ownership is a big responsibility, but doesn’t have to break the bank.The two largest pet expenses are food and veterinary care. Feed good quality food to your pet, manufactured by a brand name company that puts money into research and quality assurance. Most animals will do well on a balanced commercial diet, and unless they have a specific medical problem, don’t require “specialty” foods.My experience with pet insurance is largely anecdotal, since I never buy it for my companion animals.The pros are that insurance can cover many unexpected health problems, like accidents and illnesses.

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If you cannot absorb this kind of bill, insurance is something to look into.