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RFC, with a staff of over 200 full-time and volunteer chaplains, conducts over 1,000 services a year throughout the U. and several foreign countries; serving a congregation that totals more than 13,000 people.— Dave has placed his restored Fiat altered in the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum after campaigning the car for 10 years and winning the March Meet in 1998, and he participates in as many street rod and street machine events as possible.In a moment, though, he went from being the guy honoring people to the guy . — Dave also served as the Master of Ceremonies for the Meadowbrook Hall Concours D’Elegance and the Cranbook Concours D’Elegance, both in Detroit, plus the Los Angeles Concours D’Elegance and as the announcer for the Sport Class at the National Air Races in Reno. “It was an absolute surprise to both my wife and myself . — In addition, he also produced radio and TV commercials for NHRA and many other clients, a role he still fills today. And this brief comment explains in large part why Dave Mc Clelland has stood out from the herd all these years in a world of blinding speed and spectacular automobiles, hot rods, cruisers and dragsters — he’s a classy kind of guy you’d want to call friend . And, in rubbing shoulders with great men and women, he not only helped elevate them, but he has elevated himself through hard work that generally meant holding down two jobs throughout his working life. “However, ISC was an engineering and agricultural college and required all sorts of science and math courses to graduate. got a very, very intensive two years in radio and TV.”At the end of my junior year, the head of the radio-TV department called me in and told me they had nothing more to offer me, so it was time I got a job.” Now, if you close your eyes, we’ll bet you can hear Dave Mc Clelland’s clear, unhurried voice telling this story of his lifetime . ..”That was the end of 1956, and I got a job as a studio cameraman at a TV station in Little Rock, Arkansas . “I went to my first drag race in 1955, at the new track in Kansas City, Missouri, the city where I was born. “That started a relationship that ranged from employer to close, personal friend for some 46 years. “We have now resided in the same house in Glendale since ’71, raised three kids and have given thanks every day for Wally and the opportunities he gave all of us.“In the later years of their lives, he and Barbara lived just a few miles from us and we would get together socially several times a year. — In addition to his work in the world of NHRA Drag Racing, Mc Clelland’s background includes live announcing and radio/television coverage of a broad range of motorsports, including Formula 1 Grand Prix, NASCAR, SCCA, IMSA, AMA and Speedway motorcycles, sprint cars, midgets, short track stock cars and tractor pulls. and over the years he has been friend to a vast range of men and women, including the real movers and shakers in the culture of cars and the sport of speed. Well, they had no equipment — just a wire recorder where you could record your voice, a wooden tripod with a cardboard box on top to simulate a camera, and a workbook. ”Even so, I quickly figured out that someone would actually pay me money to sit and talk — and I went home on break and told my folks I wanted to change majors and schools . At that time, 1955, Northwestern and Iowa State were the only two schools in the Midwest with respected radio-TV programs. And, here’s what he had to say about getting into the sport of drag racing, something that has now kept him busy all these years. In 1981, I proposed to the owners a new event series, which we named Super Chevy Sunday . “I first met Wally in 1961 when I had the opportunity to announce the NHRA Nationals at Indy for the first time,” said Dave Mc Clelland. presented for work with Darrell Gwynn following his accident . NHRA – 50th anniversiary year recognition for dedication and pioneering efforts on behalf of NHRA Drag Racing. — Mc Clelland has been the voice-over host of The Hemmings Road Show and The Classics Road Show, both seen on SPEED. While in Shrevport in 1960, Dave got involved with the formation of a car club, the Ark-La-Tex Timing Association. His answer, “It was formed for the sole purpose of running drag races on an airport track in Mansfield, Louisiana. The track had opened earlier in 1969 and is regarded by many as the Orange County International Raceway of the South. I had always marveled at his foresight in the creation of all the great magazines . “After moving to California in ’71, I saw him much more frequently, and while not a close friend, certainly had a relationship where we knew each other and respected each individual’s skills and talents. “Most drivers I have come across at the very top level of the sport have a very strong desire to succeed . Every now and then, I would get a curt comment or letter, but you have to understand that in the early days of the sport’s growth, the announcer held the key to the content and amount of publicity a driver received over the P. — may have been the reason why.”I always tried to treat each driver with respect and admiration for their achievements . “She and I have been close friends for all these years, and shared many of the same difficulties that confront anyone who gets this deeply involved in the racing world. They are some of the most remarkable people in the world . “I cherish our friendship and feel she has made an indelible impression on literally millions of race fans throughout the world.” And then there’s Jay Leno, who is a through and through car guy with a mammoth collection of automobiles whose weekly pleasure is going to a car show as just one of the guys. Little did I realize at the time that I was laying the groundwork for what eventually became a career. “In 1969 I was approached by the principals at Southland Dragways, inquiring about possible interest in the General Manager’s position. This is what Dave has to say: “Most likely, I met Bob Petersen for the first time in the early ’60s at Indy, then saw him more frequently as I started announcing more events. and still have a number of them dating back to the early ’50s. I have yet to meet a driver that I didn’t enjoy being around, partially because I am . Now I am certain, if you asked the same question of a tech guy or an event director, you would get a totally different response. One would be Jay Leno, the long-time host of NBC’s Tonight Show, and Linda Vaughn who began as Miss Hurst Golden Shifter . Dave said, “Linda and I started in motorsports at just about the same time and we have been fortunate to watch it grow through the years. “I think in both our lives, the two things that kept us going was the love of the sport and the friendships that we have made over all the years. She deals with the popularity and the crush of people with the dignity of a true Southern Belle,” said Dave.

Recently, the velvet-throated Dave Mc Clelland was doing what he does best, emceeing an event. — Dave worked on the syndication of the Championship Drag Racing television series and continues to serve as a Master of Ceremonies and does voice-over work for clients like NHRA, SEMA, NASCAR, ISCA, AARWBA, PWA, Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum, R. Reynolds, Petersen Automotive Museum, International Drag Racing Hall of Fame, Championship Auto Shows, Petersen Publishing Company, Emap, Primedia, Pro Media, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Castrol, Mopar, Toyota, Shelby Automobiles, Meguiar’s, The California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation, Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital and many other organizations.

We had great success as that was the time in the sport that there were lots of cars and tremendous interest. It was a real honor that Bob and Barry (Meguiar) asked for me. Sure, other racers display a great sense of humor, but all too often it is somewhat an inside story . Dave Mc Clellan, commenting on the stunning photo you see here of them goofing with one another, said, “For 33 consecutive years, I have been the emcee of the SEMA Show annual awards ceremony.

That was my first experience as manager of a track, and like the announcing jobs, was a great foundation for what lay in the future. (Here is a link to a forum site, complete with lots of pictures, a large number of them Dave’s that not only describes other people’s reactions, but graphically shows the quality of the place: BB.pl? “I moved my family from North Louisiana (Shreveport) to Houma, and we were there for about two years. Was asked to serve as emcee at the Meguiars dinner, honoring Pete as the Meguiar’s Collector Car Person of the Year. He’s hyper and super enthusiastic, and generates the ultimate fan appeal because of all of these attributes and more. Time away from home, constant travel, hotel living and restaurant eating . Being such a car guy, just about everyone bumps into Leno at one point or another.

“In early 1971 I was contact by NHRA Division Director, Dale Ham, about possibly taking the position as VP/GM of Dallas International Motor Speedway. that the track with its strong schedule could meet the financial obligations and it would preserve a multi hundred acre piece of commercial property with huge road frontage on the interstate, just on the outskirts of Dallas, in the town of Lewisville.” Dave Mc Clelland had a good eye for the future, but maybe he was just a bit ahead of his time on this one. so the facility ended up being leased to Larry Carrier and IHRA. ” In all of his years around drag racing, did Dave have a favorite driver, someone he maybe thought of as the best? In the last couple of years Dave has cut back the number of things he emcees, but he’s out to 20 to 35 of these every year, most of them in Southern California. and no matter how gifted you are, a single entity never has the impact of a couple, and Dave is the first to admit that he couldn’t have done it without his wife, Louise. and after a few months of dating, a few months of engagement, the wedding occurred in December 1957.

With the track about 45 miles from New Orleans — and not too much farther from Baton Rouge — there was a large population base to draw from, even though Houma itself was a relatively small community. Like Wally, his passing was a tragic loss, two individuals who did so much for the industry and the sport. Jay Leno has been the featured entertainer a number of times, and here we were just having some fun. All the stories don’t give him enough credit.” So there you have it, a fairly large slice out of Dave Mc Clelland’s life as the voice of drag racing, of hot rodding, and of a myriad number of events where — as the emcee — he honors those in a sport that he has come to command.

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“Folks in Nebraska, not only California, could see what was happening as a result of the magazine’s coverage.

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