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Soon-to-be Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper tells students at Carnegie Mellon's graduation ceremony that he once couldn't afford to attend an NFL game.

The book includes discussions of the nature of singular thought and the relation between thought and consciousness.

Implicit bias, or deep-seated biases that affect our behavior beyond our conscious awareness, is real and is almost certainly one factor (among many) when it comes to the lack of diversity in tech and other fields.

A black person applying to be an engineer at Google likely faces obstacles a white or an Asian applicant doesn’t, in part because they might not fit certain deep-seated ideas of what an engineer is “supposed” to look like.

Studies dealing with résumés and housing have shown over and over again that people of color face disadvantages in hiring and renting simply by dint of their race — people who are black, or who have names that “sound” black on a résumé, get interviewed and offered apartments less frequently than white people, even when all the characteristics that should matter are held constant.

Given that fewer and fewer Americans would explicitly state an unwillingness to interview or rent to black people, implicit bias must be one of the mechanisms behind these unfortunate disparities. But the question of whether it matters is different from the question of whether researchers have found a way to accurately measure it, and to reduce it in a way that will lead to less biased behavior. As I wrote in a long recent article, the main tool used to measure implicit bias at the individual level, the implicit association test, is flawed almost to the point of uselessness (at least when it comes to IATs dealing with race and ethnicity), and, according to the best meta-analysis we have, there’s basically no evidence interventions geared at reducing implicit bias (as measured by the IAT or other tools) have a meaningful effect on outcomes.


Carolina Panthers minicamp concluded June 14, 2018 after three days in the heat. The Carolina Panthers selected Maryland wide receiver D. Moore with the 24th pick overall in the 2018 NFL Draft on Thursday.