Tversity folders not updating

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Tversity folders not updating

This thread is here to discuss your favourite free applications and utilities for Microsoft Windows.

The Freeware wiki entry provides a great starting point if you're interested in seeing what is recommended by Whirlpool users, as does part 1 of this thread. Firefox - browsing Winamp (v5.1 portable version) - audio player with ipod support7Zip - compression MP3Tag (portable) - MP3 tagging Keepass (portable) - password management Photo Filtre (portable) - basic graphics manipulation Easily the best I have found of late is Keepass.

Then finally, you can set up which of the default Windows media folders are selected for including within TVersity for media sharing.

The media sharing service is what's run in the background to allow the media sharing, while the user interface is where you add in which media files are to be shared and also to configure the TVersity options, which the majority of this guide is about.

If you get an error message about TVersity not being able to start, ignore it. After the installer finishes, you should have a new Start menu folder for TVersity, and inside, there should be a tool called "Configuration Wizard". Inside this tool, you can choose to have TVersity start automatically at boot time, disable Windows SSDP service which may be required under Windows Vista due to TVersity using it's own SSDP service and it conflicting with the Windows one.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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