Updating data in database in asp net

Posted by / 10-Feb-2017 18:56

When we examined inserting data and deleting data we looked at doing so both through manually-created Web Forms and through data Web controls, like the Grid View or Details View.In the manually-created Web Forms example for inserting, for example, we added Text Boxes, Drop Down Lists, and other Web controls to collect the values for the new record.In this article we will look at using the Grid View control to update data, although the Data List, Details View, and Form View controls are also suitable choices.The Grid View control makes displaying, editing, and deleting data as easy as pointing and clicking.

NET 2.0 introduces three new data Web controls: the Grid View, the Details View, and the Form View. Text = dr("fldcontent") End While Catch Ex As Exception exmsg. Open() Command = New Sql Command("Update TOP (1) tbt Home set fldcontent = @Richtextbox", Con) Command. Can you please look into my updatestatement and tell me whats wrong? Close() End Sub End Class Thank you for your reply. But in my code the binding happens on clicking the Save button(button2_click). I have placed a label control to load data from the database and display it.

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NET 2.0 introduced a number of new Web controls designed for accessing and modifying data. NET 2.0's data source controls make it possible to retrieve, insert, update, and delete data without having to write the tedious dedata access code that was so commonplace in ASP. Previous installments of this article series have looked at returning, inserting, and deleting data using the Sql Data Source control. These controls can work in unison with the data source controls to facilitate inserting, updating, and deleting data.