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Updating your wii

Nintendo recommends the Classic Keyboard 200 from Logitech.Please note that the USB keyboard is compatible with the Wii Menu, but is not supported by the Everybody Votes Channel or the Mii Channel.

It's going to be our Netflix machine for sure."Netflix on Wii U, as it turns out, doesn't do any of that.

If you're experiencing problems with your Wii console after downloading Wii System Menu 4.2, and you believe your system has not been modified, please give us a call.

If we find that you have a normal system and the update caused your system to not work, we'll repair it at no charge.

You can't even connect to the internet on Wii U without first downloading a massive firmware update.

Nintendo released this at the eleventh hour – almost literally, since it was released a couple of hours before the midnight launch on Sunday – and anyone who took home a Wii U realized that if they wanted to play games with online integration (that is, the way they were meant to be enjoyed) they had to first update the firmware. Except the giant update – which contained Miiverse, Netflix, a web browser and God knows what else – was such a ginormous download that it took users around 90 minutes to pull it down.

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So be aware: If you buy a Wii U for Christmas, you're going to be spending a good part of Christmas morning and some of Christmas afternoon updating the OS first.