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Deputy DA John Howard asked Starr if he could identify the defendant as the same man."Do you want a stipulation? ""I can't truthfully say that that is the man," said Starr.

***At that afternoon, Sirhan paid a dollar and signed in at the Corona Police Pistol Range and practiced for a couple of hours. The method of assault is immaterial -- however the type of weapon used should influence it somehow. The victims of the party in favor of this declaration will be or are now -- the President, vice, etc. The time will be chosen by the author at the convenience of the accused."Sirhan" fired a .22-caliber gun, which he carried in a zippered carrying case (something the real Sirhan did not own).Officer Harry Starr provided the same description....

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How could Sirhan write of his increasingly "unshakable obsession" to kill Kennedy on May 18 when he wasn't even aware of Kennedy's support for Israel until two days later and the bombers weren't mentioned until six days after that?

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