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Promoted by lobbies, Congress not only actively opposes foreign policy decisions but even imposes some on the president.

The pending legislation on sanctions against Iran is but one example.

Our strong political ties, growing trade, which has reached .5 billion, and the large number of prospective projects are strengthening Russian-Iranian ties.Netanyahu’s rejection of Obama’s demand that Israel halt the construction of settlements is a case in point.”“Special interest lobbies have become overly influential in US politics.Thanks to their access to Congress, a variety of lobbies — some financially well endowed, some backed by foreign interests — have been promoting, to an unprecedented degree, legislative intervention in foreign-policy making.This has recently come to light in Brzezinski’s latest article for the Council of Foreign Relations, “From Hope To Audacity.” Beginning his treatise with the premise that the US should not be at war with Islam, Brzezinski proceeds to take on the “Second Echelon” in Obama’s administration which includes Zionist Jews Dennis Ross, Special Adviser on Iran, Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff, and Zionist shill Hilary Clinton at State.Opening himself in his article to further accusations of being an “Anti-Semite,” (Alan Dershowitz initiated the lie), Brzezinski challenges the Zionist status quo and adds insult to injury to his already stated position that Obama should negotiate with Hamas: “It is not fashionable to say this, but much of the current hostility toward the US in the Middle East has been generated by the bloodshed and suffering produced by the prolonged Israeli-Arab conflict.

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The joint effort between Putin and Armenia will nullify these sanctions.

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