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When I was younger, like say in junior high, and they would give talks at school to the girls about abusive relationships, the talks would always kind of go like, "If somebody hits you, you need to leave," and I'm sitting here listening to that and I was like, "Oh, how stupid, who would ever stay with someone who hits them?

" But you don't really realize how abusive relationships come about and how people get into them in the first place, and I think that would be a really interesting thing to discuss further — maybe it's something I'll get into in book no. Because I've definitely been in other relationships that were abusive, and I remember when one relationship became abusive, I kind of had that You write that you asked Hef to move into the mansion the night after you experienced the "bedroom routine" for the first time.

I never saw anybody freak out at the time, but there were girls who would stay over with him and I know that he would try and invite them back out — like, have a secretary call and invite them back out for nights out — and they just like all of a sudden were unreachable. You also write about how he was so jealous whenever anyone would go out and try to have their own lives.

So I think there were some girls that definitely freaked out and had gotten in over their heads and just ran the other way and never came back. Well, nobody was really allowed to go out and have their own life.

No, all the girls hated it and tried to get it over with as quickly as possible.

According to Madison (and some details have been echoed by other former girlfriends), the ritual would begin with them putting on matching pink flannel pajamas.And I didn't even realize how many girls went through the revolving door in his bedroom. Things changed as I stayed there longer and the cast changed.Can you quantify how many girls went through that revolving door? I'd have to sit down and count how many went out and make an average, there were so many. I like to think of myself as a really good cock blocker so extra people stopped coming up into the bedroom., put a rosy facade on that experience, which she shared over the course of five seasons with Hef's other girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt (he whittled down from seven to three for the show).But in her new book, of his live-in girlfriends, and how terrible her life in the mansion in what was at best a semblance of a romantic relationship with him truly was.

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Because he went through girls like crazy, and coming from an outsider's perspective, you see the girls living at the mansion and they all seemed so happy.