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The GOP-controlled House on Thursday eliminated new funding for states to strengthen election security, drawing protests from Democrats who said Republicans are not doing enough to prevent Russian meddling. EDGE spoke to Jones as he prepares to celebrate his 60th birthday.

For many on the list to buy Tesla's mass-market electric car, the wait for the company to produce enough to satisfy demand isn't a major problem.

Visitors to the invariably heaving Abattoir performers' bar in Edinburgh back in August might occasionally have noticed one particular fellow amid the throng, the freshness of his face as conspicuous as his height.

Quite handsome, in a maths–geek-cum–farmhand kind of way, and looking just slightly awkward, he could easily have been the teenage brother of a performer, up for the weekend to give fraternal support, but not entirely sure what to do with himself or his rail–thin 6ft 5in frame.

Three years ago, Burnham – already a You Tube sensation at only 19 – made his Edinburgh debut with Words, Words, Words.

A supremely smart broadside on time–worn comedy tropes, it took the Fringe by storm, winning rave reviews across the board, along with the Edinburgh Comedy Awards panel prize.

In the end, even though The System tells them their time is up, they rebel and run away together, opting to scale a giant wall to see what’s on the other side.

a Tinder-like app, which was running simulations to see how compatible Frank and Amy are in the real world.

Bo Burnham achieved Internet fame in 2006 after releasing a video featuring his performance of an original song, "My Whole Family", on You Tube, which has received over 2 million views.A Florida man has been arrested for deceiving straight guys into thinking they were paying a visit to a housewife looking for sex with strangers when, in fact, they were hooking up with a man dressed as a woman.UNAIDS warns that the global response to HIV is at a precarious point.The report highlights that the pace of progress is not matching global ambition and calls for immediate action to put the world on course to reach critical 2020 targets.Gay rights supporters who thronged the Supreme Court after justices declared same-sex marriage a constitutional right expect to have little to celebrate if Brett Kavanaugh replaces Anthony Kennedy, the author of all the court's major gay-rights rulings. Cleve Jones worked with Harvey Milk in the '70s; was an AIDS activist in the '80s; started the AIDS Quilt & made it grow in the '90s; & continues to fight for LGBT equality.

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