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His first movie was Wildcats (1986), a football comedy in which he portrayed the role of Krushinski.His first TV show was NBC sitcom Cheers in which he played the role as Woody Boyd in 200 episodes from 1985 to 1993.Harrelson was subsequently transferred to Supermax prison ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado.In a letter to a friend, Harrelson wrote that he enjoyed his life inside the maximum security facility, writing that "there are not enough hours in a day for my needs as a matter of fact...In a plea bargain, Jamiel Chagra admitted to his role in the murder of Judge Wood and to the attempted murder of a U. In a television interview after his arrest, Harrelson said: "At the same time I said I had killed the judge, I said I had killed Kennedy, which might give you an idea to the state of my mind at the time." He said that the statements made during the standoff were "an effort to elongate my life." Joseph Chagra later testified during Harrelson's trial that Harrelson claimed to have shot Kennedy and drew maps to show where he was hiding during the assassination.

Still, I'm just now gauging whether he merits my loyalty or friendship. was shot dead in the parking lot outside his San Antonio, Texas, townhouse.His first stage performance was in 1985 in Biloxi Blues in which he played the roles as Joseph Wykowski and Roy Selridge at the Neil Simon Theatre.He does not have a personal trainer but he hits the gym to maintain fitness. He was married to Nancy Hillman Harrelson, Diane Lou Oswald, Jo Ann Harrelson and Gina Adelle Foster.Harrelson worked as an encyclopedia salesman in California and as a professional gambler. Harrelson's son, Woody Harrelson (born July 23, 1961), became a well-known television and film actor.

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Shortly after Harrelson was paroled in 1978, he and his then-wife, Jo Ann, were implicated in another murder. Harrelson was apprehended with the aid of an anonymous tip and a tape recording of a conversation that occurred during a visit from Joe Chagra to his brother Jamiel Chagra in prison.