Who is liz phair dating ye olde dating game

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Who is liz phair dating

The original 1991 cassettes have been restored and released as Yo Yo Buddy Yup Yup Word to Ya Mutha, Girls! May 31: Masonic Lodge, Los Angeles June 1: Swedish American Hall, San Francisco June 2: The Crocodile, Seattle June 4: Turf Club, St. June 7: Northside Festival, Brooklyn June 8: Wichita Riverfest, Wichita, Kan.

The song has received positive press for addressing a difficult issue, as Phair sings to her son about his absent father and the new men she's dating.

People who were fans of Phair’s from the start expected her to stay angsty, rebellious, and indie, but Phair didn’t have the same vision.

Phair made while female-fronted alt-rock was at its height, but as the tides changed and the masses became more focused on pop, so too did Phair.

In recent interviews, Phair has been upfront about her hopes of mainstream success, and claims full awareness that is likely to alienate many of her original fans.

What she doesn't seem to realize is that a collection of utterly generic rocked-out pop songs isn't likely to win her many new ones.

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It includes a remastered reissue of her debut record, a book featuring an oral history by Jason Cohen, and essays by Phair and Ann Powers.