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Wikipedia ar ar dating

There is (someone) who cares about her; and a woman needs nothing as long as there is a man who loves her and meets her needs; as for the current campaigns calling for women's driving, they are not reasonable.

Female driving is a matter of fun and amusement, let us be reasonable and thank God so much for the welfare we live in.") insist that loosening the ban on women driving and working with men is part of an onslaught of Westernized ideas to weaken Islam and that Saudi Arabia is uniquely in need of conservative values because it is the center of Islam.

Women were previously forbidden from voting in all elections or being elected to any political office, but in 2011 King Abdullah let women vote in the 2015 local elections and be appointed to the Consultative Assembly.

Gender roles in Saudi society come from local culture and interpretations of Sharia (Islamic law).

The peninsula is the ancestral home of patriarchal, nomadic tribes, in which separation of women and men, and namus (honour) are considered central.

Many Saudis do not see Islam as the main impediment to women's rights.

Saudis often invoke the life of Prophet Muhammad to prove that Islam allows strong women.

His first wife, Khadijah, was a powerful businesswoman who employed him and then initiated the marriage proposal on her own.

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